Individual ABA Programs

Confidence Connection's Individual ABA Program is a 1:1 program that focuses on communication, language and individual play skills in both 1:1 and group settings. Program are developed using the ABLLS, VB-MAPP, PEAK, AFLS or Vineland assessment, observation and consultation with parents and the child's public or private school personnel.

ABA Providers: All of Confidence Connection's ABA Therapists are Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) with a minimum BA/BS degree. In many cases Confidence Connection are in a Masters program in ABA, Speech and Language Pathology or Special Education. Every ABA case is overseen by a licensed BCBA with at least two years experience in the field of ABA. All ABA cases are overseen by Eve Weber, Executive Director. Eve is a BCBA, SLP and Reading Specialist. 


Primary objectives of a child's ABA program at Confidence Connection include:

  • Increasing the child's abilities to Mand (request) items/actions in his/her environment spontaneously.
  • Increase the child's frequency of manding (requesting).
  • Increase the variety of items/actions that the child mands for.
  • Increase expressive and receptive language. 
  • Increase conversation skills. 
  • Develop better play skills using age-appropriate toys and activities.
  • Develop independent indoor and outdoor (when applicable) play skills.
  • Decrease problem behaviors functioning as task avoidance, attention seeking and self-stimulating.
  • Getting and maintaining the attention of others
  • Increasing independence with self-care (toothbrushing, toileting, etc).
  • Academic skills (math, reading, writing) **
  • Social play with peers


Programs run based on the availability of the child as well as, clinician availability. Children spend anywhere from 4-40 hours a week receiving ABA services. Hours determined based on our recommendations as well as the family's. 


Individual ABA programs combine applied behavior analysis (ABA) and verbal behavior (VB) using intensive teaching (IT)  and natural environment teaching (NET).

Parent Feedback and Training:

Once the child's goals are developed the parent will receive a copy of the goals. The lead therapist will be collecting data on each goal frequently during each session. Parents will receive weekly session notes summarizing how their child is performing and what his/her current strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, parents will receive weekly suggestions for generalizing their child's goals outside-of the program. Parents are welcome to set-up a time to observe their child in a session and to meet with their child's lead therapist.


Please contact us at (781) 433-9890 for costs of services. Confidence Connection currently accepts most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, UBH, UHC, Aetna, Tufts Commercial, Tufts Public and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care insurance plans. 

**Insurance covers non-educational ABA services. Any academic services may involve a private pay cost.