Confidence Connection Summer Social Skills Program

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Dates: June 24-Aug 23
Ages: 3-8yrs 

Hours: Am and PM options available based on child's age (8:00-12:00; 1:00-4:00)

*Children must attend 4-5 days/week; 6 week minimum

COST: Covered by most major insurances
Confidence Connection has a an 9-week summer  program designed to meet the developmental, social, and behavioral needs of children with Autism. Confidence Connection uses principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to targets skills by creating a motivating operation (reinforcing situation), reinforcing positive behavior and modifying goals and objectives using data collection. Our summer program includes social pragmatic groups, music therapy, speech therapy, APE/KidFit, yoga, cooking classes, and team-building groups targeting communication and group skills. Children will be carefully placed in clinically-sound small groups to enhance their experience.

Program goals: 

  • Increase social/pragmatic skills
  • Increase communication skills
  • Increase executive functioning skills
  • Develop independent indoor and outdoor play skills. 
  • Decrease problem behaviors functioning as task avoidance, attention seeking and self-stimulating.

Children served:
Confidence Connection's summer program is designed for children, aged 3-16, with a diagnosis of Autism. Children with other related needs may be appropriate based on their profile and the current grouping of children enrolled. 

Children are grouped based the following 6 components: 

          1) Expressive and Receptive Language Skills
          2) Social abilities
          3) Independent and Group Play Skills
          4) Behavior (must be able to be supported in 2:1 ratio)
          5) Cooperation 
          6) Age (within 1.5 years of peers in group)

Groups contain 4-6 children and 2-3 staff. Staffing is based on overall group need. 

Assessment and Goals:

Once enrolled in the program each child will be assessed to determine what goals/objectives are best suited for the child. Assessments such as the ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, Vineland and other social/pragmatic assessments are used to help identify those language and other critical skills that are in need of intervention in order for a child to become more capable of learning and developing stronger social, language and play skills. The assessment scores help to determine individual treatment, and to help with the selection of appropriate objectives for an individual child. 

Parent Feedback and Training: 

Once the child's goals are developed the parent will receive a copy of the goals. The lead therapist will be collecting data on each goal during each session. Parents will receive daily session notes summarizing how their child is performing and what his/her current strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, parents will receive suggestions for generalizing their child's goals outside-of the program. Parents are welcome to set-up a time to observe their child in a session and to meet with their child's lead therapist. 

Confidence Connection Summer Social Skills Program

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